Service and repairs

The celesta is a complex, handcrafted, mechanical musical instrument that is made primarily from natural materials wood and should be in premises which are not subject to large temperature fluctuations. The humidity should not be below 30% and not more than 70%.

Our instruments are very solidly built and have a long life, a caretaking handling required, but also partly dependent on the maintenance quality.

Depending on the intensity of use the celesta should be serviced regularly. The structural parts of the musical mechanism and the damping be regulated thereby to ensure optimum sound and optimum variety. A Celesta service must be performed by an expert Celesta technicians whose qualifications must be officially certified.

Do you want a service from our company at your site, during an orchestra tour or in our workshop, please sign up in time to arrange a suitable date.

Major repairs can be carried out in our workshop by our technicians. If desired, we can organize the necessary transportation (pick up and drop of the instrument).

Regulation, service and repair work are not part of the guarantee .