Testimonials for our Celestas

J. Ralph – Academy Award® nominated composer, producer and recording artist, New York (2015)

“As a composer, producer, engineer, and recording artist, my entire career has been devoted to bringing music to life through unique and signature sounds.  Ever since my first album release on Atlantic records, I have been traveling the world collecting and recording instruments from all genres of music.  From the moment I discovered a Schiedmayer celeste, I was transfixed.  The hypnotic universe that is created from playing this remarkable instrument is beyond description.  It is a completely transportive experience that inspires and invites you on vast musical journeys.  The richness, subtlety and intimacy, the precision of the tone, and especially the feel of the instrument is unrivaled.  Without question, I consider my Schiedmayer 5 1/2 Octave studio celeste an essential part of my writing and recording process.”

J. Ralph at Abbey-Road with Schiedmayer Celesta

J. Ralph – Oscar-nominerter Komponist und Producer bei Aufnahmen mit dem London Symphony Orchestra in den Abbey Road Studios in London. Foto: C. Taylor Crothers, copyright 2015.

Marco Feklistoff, Orchestra Manager Norrlands Operan / Sweden

“We are very happy for the instrument, in fact I have to tell you, we had a player few weeks ago who actually is the former pianist in the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and now the orchestra pianist in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm, and he said that he never had played on such a good celesta, with so beautiful sound.”

Paul Hankinson, Australian pianist and composer

“I had the opportunity to play one of your celestas… and I can not forget this sound! It was a truly magical experience. I recorded some solo improvisations on it and ever since then I am bored with the piano!”

I. Julier – Glyndebourne Productions Ltd.

“Thank you for all your help. All the keyboard players I spoke with in UK orchestras said that Schiedmayer celestes were absolutely the highest industry standard unmatched by anyone else.”

Dennis Kalashnikov (Mariinsky Theatre)

“Many thanks for securing the timely delivery of the keyed glockenspiel to St. Petersburg. Everything went very well and all are happy.”

Dr. Alexej Pilyugin – Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow Radio

“We are much informed of Schiedmayer Celesta highest quality and extraordinary sound.”

Mag. Gerrit Prießnitz, director of studies and manager of the stage music at the Volksoper Vienna

“We are very delighted in our new instrument which brings brilliance in the Kálmán-Operettas, Ravel’s “L’heure espagnole” as well as in much more orchestral works.”

Paul Savoy, keyboarder of the famous Norwegian pop band a-ha

“I want to thank you for my wonderful Celesta. It sounds «sooo» sweet. I can’t wait to start recording with it.”

Peter Schindler – Komponist und Pianist, Stuttgart/Berlin

“The recording is fantastic. The instrument is lovely! One day, on my way to Heaven I wouldn’t like to take anything else with me but a Celesta and playing this instrument all the time. The sound is so gorgeous that angels will be delighted to hear it!”

Jendrik Springer, conductor and pianist at The Vienna State OperaHouse (2007)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely again on behalf of the State Opera House, Vienna for the wonderful instrument we purchased from your company. The dynamic spectrum of your Celesta is incredibly wide and it is especially pleasing that the touch even in piano always is reliable and very well balanced. It is a great joy to play important Celesta parts, for instance like the “Rosenkavalier”, on the new instrument. Thank you very much!”

Leonardo Villela – COBIC INTERNACIONAL Ltda., São Paulo

“The instrument arrived safely and the Orchestra as a whole (musicians, directors, conductors etc.) are delighted with the quality and beauty of the Celesta. Me too, since I am proud of working with Schiedmayer.”

Dr. Lowell Richmond Sparks – University of Maryland / USA Februrary 2012

“The celesta arrived yesterday around 11:00 AM. It is beautiful, and sounds wonderful.”

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