Celesta accessories

Flight Case

We provide a fitted flight case (90 kg) with a folding ramp for safe transportation and storage of your celesta instrument. Two of the four casters are equipped with wheel breaks.

Flight case dimensions (height includes casters):

  • 5 1/2 octave Studio model: L 148cm x D 90cm x H 125cm
  • 5 octave and 5 1/2 octave Compact model: L 134cm x D 69cm x H 131cm
  • 4 octave model: L 123cm x D 69cm x H 123cm
  • Keyboard glockenspiel: L 94cm x D 71cm x H 120cm

Price ex works: EUR 1.420,00 (without VAT)

Flight Case (open with celesta without Cover)


A light synthetic fabric covering is always provided free of charge.

On request we will provide a fitted padded protective cover with side slots for the handles (see illustration).

Price ex works: EUR 510,00 (without VAT).

Flight Case (open with celesta and Cover)

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