Warranty | Maintenance

A new instrument you purchased from Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH is subject to warranty against defect in materials, parts or workmanship if found upon authorized inspection. The Schiedmayer company and/or its authorized representative will repair such defect without charge for parts or labor. Regulation or other maintenance services are not covered by this warranty.

Warranty period:

  • The warranty period of three years starts on the date of shipment of the instrument.

Warranty exclusions:

The warranty does not apply to material, components and parts damaged by a) improper handling, wear and tear, accidents, theft, vandalism, fire, water or other peril; b) exposure to extreme conditions including but not limited to temperature, humidity, dust c) or improper use, negligence, repair, alteration or maintenance of the instrument not performed by the Schiedmayer company or an authorized technician.

Your celesta is a highly sophisticated mechanical instrument which contains thousands of individual parts working as a perfectly balanced and integrated unit. Your long-term satisfaction from your Schiedmayer Celesta’s performance will be ensured best by the institution´s careful overall handling of the instrument and by regular maintenance service carried out by the Schiedmayer company or authorized service technicians. We recommend that a basic/regulation service be carried out every 2-3 years.

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