Celesta & Keyboard Glockenspiel – instrument rental service

Schiedmayer provides only 5 1/2-octave celestas (442 Hz tuning, other tunings depending on availability), which are constructed to the latest technical specifications and this guarantee above all a very easy action.

The celeste instruments are regularly maintained by our technicians and are always in prime condition. The same standards apply for the keyboard glockenspiel.

We offer a flexible rental service for our celestas and keyboard glockenspiel in Germany, Europe and even worldwide. Additionally, if requested, we also arrange delivery and pickup service of your rental instrument.

Please reserve your rental instrument as soon as possible. Prices and conditions on request.

Our rental instruments

The 5 ½ Octave Celesta Instrument "Studio"

5 ½ Octave Celesta “Studio”

5 ½ Octave Celesta Compact, black (front-view)

5 ½ Octave Celesta “Compact”

Schiedmayer Keyboard Glockenspiel

Keyboard Glockenspiel

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