General overhaul for Celestas

For celestas of 5 octaves and 5 1/2 octaves, manufactured between 1965 and 1995.

After the general overhaul your instrument will be fully functional and fully playable again, corresponding to the Celesta’s current state-of-the-art technology of sound generation. New cabinetry makes your old instrument look like new. An overhauled  instrument will come close to the quality standard of a new instrument. But of cause it can’t be a full equivalent to a new one.

The overhaul involves a complete disassembly of the old instrument. The wooden resonators and soundplates are thoroughly cleaned, inspected and repaired if necessary before being installed in a new case.

Other important mechanical parts that show wear and tear after years of use or do not correspond to modern technical standards will be replaced with new ones, including:

  • New housing
  • New keyboard with standard key size ensures very light touch
  • New felt hammers, once again facilitating a full sound
  • New pedal (sustain pedal) in a new ergonomic position. The celesta/piano player will find the pedal moved to the accustomed right-of-center position.
  • New handles and new stronger expanded metal mesh offer better protection to the instrument.

Finally, the same exacting regulating and voicing work will be carried out as with a new celesta instrument.

Prices and conditions on request.

Celesta 5 Octave built in 1974

Celesta 5 Octave built in 1974 (before reconditioning)

before reconditioning

Celesta 5 Octave built in 1974 (after reconditioning)

after reconditioning

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