Technical improvements

Schiedmayer started manufacturing celestas as early as 1890 and has continuously improved and further developed the instrument.


Mustel instruments used to have one resonator for multiple sound plates. To achieve greater power and better sound quality, Schiedmayer now equips each sound plate with its own resonator.

Celesta Resonators


The celesta pedal has the same function as the piano’s sustaining pedal. Older celestas had the pedal in the center position, which pianists are not accustomed to. Schiedmayer shifted the pedal to the accustomed right-of-center-

5 ½ Octave Celesta Compact, black (front-view)

Pedal right-of-center-position

Touch and sound shaping

Playing older celestas with shorter keys and hence heavier touch was not always fun for pianists. Since 1996 Schiedmayer has equipped all instruments with a full-size piano keyboard. This provides the instruments with the important light touch celestists appreciate, allowing a very nuanced tone.

The Mustel company, as well as all other celesta-manufacturers such as Morley (England) or Simone Bros (USA), discontinued their celesta production decades ago. Today, Schiedmayer is worldwide the only manufacturer of the celesta whose unique heavenly sound can only be achieved by the specific Mustel action.

Celesta Keyboard

Full-size piano keyboard